White Oak Realty Partners, LLC is a privately held, fully integrated acquisition and development firm focused on the investment and management of high net worth and institutional capital into targeted CBD and select suburban office, apartment, and retail investment opportunities. The goal of our organization is to leverage the expertise and experience of its key principals to create a risk-diversified portfolio of institutional quality real estate properties in Chicago and select markets nationally.

White Oak believes that real estate investing is going to make a return back to the norm as an income-producing asset that provides positive cash flow and mid- to long-term appreciation rather than a speculative arbitrage instrument. White Oak's true real estate professionals, not financial intermediaries, will generate returns through intuitive underwriting, solid financial structuring, leasing, cost control and true value-added improvements.

White Oak is best known for being a real estate operator with principals having a diverse skill set, transparent nature with its trusted joint venture partners, and a flexible approach to real estate investing. White Oak has a long track record of success in investing as principals with many of the best domestic institutional and high net worth investment groups.